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Shooting the ILS at Davis-Monthan AFB #2 (14:38) It's amazing what you can do if you just ask. This morning I asked my local ground control to coordinate VFR flight following for me to go fly the ILS 12 into Davis-Monthan AFB. I got a squawk before takeoff and they accommodated my request for the approach -- along with F-16s in the pattern and everything else going on this busy Sunday morning. Enjoy!!  (February 10 2019)
Patterns at Pinal (10:00) "...45-inbound for the left downwind, Rwy 12 Pinal."  One of the things we pilots do is fly patterns.  From the time we begin our training as a student pilot and then continue to move through and earn all the various ratings we continue to fly patterns.  Even "back in the day" if we returned home with some extra gas we flew patterns until we were just about out of gas and had to land.  Patterns and patterns and patterns.  One of my favorite spots to practice patterns is out here at the Pinal Airpark, like this past Sunday morning when I had the place to myself.  A bit more than 6,800 feet of prime runway and no one else out here but me.  Ride along as I fly a couple of circuits.  (February 10 2019)
Landing at P13 (0:58) After a long work week I could not wait to get the Sierra in the air.  A short 50-minute cruise leg later, I was shooting the GPS RWY 27 (practice) approach into San Carlos Apache airport. What a great ride!!  (January 26 2019)
Trying To Check In (0:58) I'm a big fan of VFR flight following especially when I'm departing and returning to the local area.  There's heavy airline and military traffic plus lots of GA moving up and down the I-10 corridor plus jumpers at Eloy, Marana and Pinal County.  So it doesn't hurt.  Yesterday, after leveling off at 9,500 feet for the cruise leg up to San Carlos Apache, Departure hands me off to Albuquerque Center.  In the clip, you can see and hear that I'm cruising along just waiting for a chance to check in.  I finally did but it took a while.  (January 26 2019)
Picacho Flyby (0:28) This was the first chance I had to get the Sierra out on a gorgeous Fall morning.  Getting this view of iconic Picacho Peak was perfect too!  (October 6 2018)
Returning From P13 (0:28) Views from the climb out after departing P13 on the way back to Ryan Field.  (September 28 2018)
Landing at Marana Airpark (0:59) So happy I got to fly this morning -- it's been almost a month. The pattern was pretty busy.   (May 19 2018)
High Sierra (0:29) Returning to KRYN early this morning. Join me as we pick up the flight at the "Pump Station" VFR checkpoint and glide over the desert in my Sierra!   (February 25 2018)
Pinal Pattern (0:57) Rolling out on final at Pinal County (MZJ)   (February 17 2018)
Shoot the ILS 12 at KDMA (15:02) Asked for and got approval to fly an ILS into a military base. Used to be (maybe a long time ago) really hard to do. Now it was pretty easy. Thanks for the approach!  (February 17 2018)
Disclaimer:  The videos on this web site are for entertainment purposes only and are not (NOT) to be considered flight instruction in any way.  Please contact your local (or non-local) certified flight instructor if you have any questions or are interested in flight instruction.
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